Announcing Creatio’s Leadership in the Forrester Wave: A New Era for No-Code Development

Format14CRM is thrilled to announce that Creatio has been recognized as a leader in the prestigious Forrester Wave™ evaluation of low-code development platforms. It’s great to see recognition for Creatio’s commitment to empowering businesses with cutting-edge no-code technology and innovative solutions.

What is No Code?

In the modern business environment, development skills are becoming essential across a spectrum of roles, transforming development from a specialised job to a fundamental business skill. Helping to facilitate this change are low-code platforms which empower non-technical employees to create, innovate, and improve applications with minimal coding knowledge.  In this blog article, we will delve into what sets Creatio apart in the low-code landscape, highlighting its modular technology and subscription model, and comparing it with other notable vendors in the market. Discover how Creatio is revolutionising citizen development and why it stands out as the best choice for enterprises aiming to drive innovation and efficiency across customer facing operations and beyond.

Creatio: The Modular Pioneer

Creatio has made significant strides in the low-code market, emphasising composability in its no-code approach.  Known initially for its Business Process and Customer Relationship Management (BPM and CRM) solutions, Creatio has expanded its capabilities, focusing on two main pillars: enabling well-governed citizen development and decomposing its SaaS products into reusable components. This strategy helps foster innovation and provide clarity and predictability over costs through its subscription model.

The platform’s integrated development environment (IDE) is designed explicitly for creating new applications, offering a flexible user experience (UX) designer that customers have praised for its beauty and functionality. Furthermore, Creatio’s governance module stands out, offering over 100 out-of-the-box policy configurations and robust automation tools for documenting, versioning, auditing, and enforcing custom policies. Substantial investment in AI features assists developers and enhances AI-infused applications, further solidifying its position as a leader in the market.

Creatio remains a top choice for enterprises seeking well-governed citizen development and superior automation at scale. 

Evaluating Other Vendors

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is a significant player in the low-code market, especially for enterprise-scale citizen development. Its tools are professional-grade, offering excellent UX functionality, data management, integration, AI-driven features, and security practices. However, its experience for non-technical users is less intuitive. The complexity of UI development in Canvas apps and the disparate experiences across its subproducts can be confusing. Despite these issues, Microsoft’s extensive partner network and the integration of free versions into enterprise agreements make it a formidable option.


Kissflow is known for its elegant, intuitive design and focus on process automation. Its developer experience is highly praised, particularly for process automation and workflow. However, Kissflow struggles with back-end development, lacking robust data modelling and integration tools. Its approach to the software development lifecycle (SDLC) is thoughtful but not without flaws, making it suitable for firms focusing on democratised process automation.


AgilePoint offers superior automation features and caters to decentralised citizen developer teams. While its automation capabilities are strong, the overall platform experience for citizen developers is only fair, with overwhelming UX development configurations and mediocre process modelling. Despite these drawbacks, AgilePoint’s affordability and comprehensive automation strategy make it a viable option for firms with extensive automation needs.

Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks stands out for its visionary approach to citizen development and strong professional services. However, its recent pivot towards a verticalized platform strategy for specific industries has diminished its edge in enterprise citizen development. While it maintains a professional-grade platform with powerful UX tools and AI-assisted development, its lack of a stateful workflow engine and vague security practices are notable weaknesses.


Quickbase excels in data-first app development, providing an efficient platform for database applications with robust data-level RBAC. However, it falls short in process automation, lacking a workflow engine. Its focus on operations-heavy industries and data-driven ease of use make it a good fit for firms in these sectors, despite its automation limitations.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator offers a high-quality, deeply integrated platform with strong capabilities across data modelling, UX development, process automation, and AI. Despite its impressive breadth and depth, Zoho’s SMB focus and lack of advanced enterprise features for governance and version control limit its appeal to larger enterprises.

Tulip Interfaces

Tulip Interfaces specialises in low-code development for frontline operations, excelling in environments involving IoT devices and physical work. Its innovative features and aggressive roadmap make it a top choice for industries like manufacturing and logistics, despite some integration and workflow limitations.


The evolution of development into a business skill highlights the importance of choosing the right low-code platform. Creatio’s modular approach and transparent subscription model make it a leading option for enterprises aiming to foster well-governed citizen development and innovation. As businesses continue to embrace no-code solutions, the potential for rapid, scalable innovation becomes increasingly accessible. Embrace the power of no-code platforms like Creatio to unlock new solutions to your business challenges and drive transformative growth. Start your journey today and experience the impact of no-code innovation firsthand.

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