Creatio Sales

Having access to customer information exactly when you need it can be the difference between closing a sale and losing it to your competitor.

Creatio enables superior Account & Contact Management by providing users with a complete control panel to manage records and key relationship information for customers, investors, partners, and other stakeholders.

Dedicated reporting provides all the capabilities businesses require to improve forecast accuracy, identify hot leads and opportunities and keep on top of sales trends defined by you, so you can focus business on the metrics that matter.

Take a Look at How Creatio’s Low-Code/No-Code Platform boosts performance

Creatio Sales provides limitless possibilities to orchestrate your sales & marketing processes. With modular functionality available for all types of sales activity, *awesome* business process automation, and ready-to-go reporting and dashboards, users benefit from the efficiency and effectiveness of a platform that supports best practice from its core.


You can sign up for a trial of a fully-functional system including Creatio Sales, Creatio Marketing, Creatio Service and/or all of the awesome Low-Code/No-Code functionality in Creatio Studio.

Superior Account & Contact Management


Sales of all sizes

A full suite of sales profiles makes Sales Creatio a platform option to manage the intricacies of directing different sales processes from different channels under a single pane of glass.

Editions specialised for E-commerce, direct sales and complex, long, Enterprise sell cycles means different business models are catered for while allowing you to explore new revenue streams easily.


Automated Processes & Workflows

From Project Management to E-commerce – Creatio sales provides a series of solutions that suit different business models out of the box.

Automate processes across key sales stages and channels to increase velocity and streamline order processing, document management, contract management and collaborative processes.


Mobile Sales

Account, contacts, opportunities, activities, meetings, leads or messages from colleagues: in your CRM = in your Creatio App.

Whether collaborating with colleagues, or kicking off sales work flows, all the critical information is available in your mobile device so you can easily work within CRM that’s integrated with SMS or make calls right from the app.


Efficient Sales Automation

With a complete Business Process Management tool set – including process modelling, execution, monitoring and analysis – businesses get all the advantages of fully automated support for sales activities – even those that no-one else has thought of but you!

In addition to the flexibility of a low/no-code platform you can also select from pre-built industry best practices that help ensure maximum efficiency by removing administrative time and increasing the available contact time for employees.



Put your commercial goals front and centre with a set of highly intuitive forecasting tools that enable you to create sales plans and metrics for different territories, managers, accounts or industries.

Use Creatio’s Smart Filtering tools to monitor the key indicators you need to set and manage quotas, improve forecast accuracy and ensure delivery of revenue commitments.


Complete CRM Bundle

Combine Creatio Sales with Creatio Marketing and Creatio Service to deliver end-to-end customer lifecycle management with low code technology that provides flexibility and adaptability to continuously improve.

Explore the Creatio suite

Creatio provides the adaptability to support any business. 

Why Creatio

With analyst recognition demonstrating Creatio’s competencies across all focus areas, Creatio is the low-code/no-code choice for organisations that recognise the need for adaptability to maintain business critical processes.

Creatio Service

Paint a complete picture of the customer conversation through an omnichannel communication centre that allows service professionals to deliver outstanding customer experience.

Creatio Marketing

With no-code tools you can quickly build audiences and create segments using whatever socio-demographic, behavioral, first-, second- or third-party data. Ensure that each communication reaches the right clients with highly targeted marketing campaigns.