Project Management

How we manage our engagement with you

Client engagement on a CRM project by Format14CRM is managed to ensure successful collaboration, we establish touchpoints to monitor and evaluate progress and promptly escalate issues through an engagement manager for executive review..

All activities are performed as per the customer’s sign-off, and we emphasise collaboration to create comprehensive project plans that perform according to specified timelines.

Format14CRM manages the required infrastructure for development, testing, and production environments and provides continuous technical support throughout engagement tos facilitate smooth operations.

Our holistic approach to Support ensures that both parties work in sync, maintaining efficiency and achieving the desired outcomes from project initiation.

Format14CRM’s Project Management methodology is a dynamic and adaptable approach to implementation that sets us apart from the rest. At the core of our project management methodology is the adoption of an agile continuous delivery approach.

We believe in the power of incremental change rather than a disruptive “big bang” transformation, so we release developments over time, working closely with clients as we iteratively implement changes.

Throughout the delivery process, we maintain continuous engagement with stakeholders, allowing for requirements to evolve while providing quick and measured responses to changes requested by your organisation during the implementation phase.

Agile Deployment and Client Engagement

Our team operates across multiple fronts working in parallel to deploy application features, enhancements,customisations and bug fixes rapidly and continuously.

We conduct scrum meetings that foster collaboration and put client engagement at the forefront of projects. This ensures that your requirements are front and centre, and allows solutions to evolve with feedback being immediately incorporated into end results.

To streamline our work and ensure clarity, we store agreed-upon features in a shared JIRA repository and host our implementation codebase on Github.

Our work is organised into sprints; specific time periods during which our scrum team focuses on completing a set amount of work.

Sprints are then prioritised and organised into lists of small, concrete deliverables, found in the Product Backlog.

This working plan ranks and weights a list of features and essentially forms a roadmap for your CRM implementation.

In our daily sprints, each deliverable is rigorously tested before release into the product, ensuring a high level of quality and reliability. This careful testing process is a testament to our commitment to delivering solutions that work seamlessly.

One of the key strengths of our Agile Project Management methodology is its adaptability to changing needs.

By taking a gradual approach to releases and maintaining continuous stakeholder engagement, we provide a level of predictability that can be a game-changer for your business.

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