By automatically generating tasks and activities that drive sales, such as lead management, contact tracking, opportunity management, and sales forecasting your CRM can take the burden of admin and reporting out of sales while maintaining full visibility.

Real SFA empowers sales people to work more efficiently and teams more collaboratively while reducing manual data entry, and improving productivity.

You’ll also be able to ensure that customer interactions always deliver by:

Implement Sales Force Automation to boost your sales performance and nurture strong, long-lasting customer relationships.

Automating complex buying and selling processes

Sales Force Automation (SFA) can help to reduce many of the common challenges organisations managing complex sales processes face. Streamlining intricate transactions that might involve multiple stakeholders or admin-intensive procedures can simplify and accelerate processes.


Processes such as lead generation, proposal preparation, contract management, and inventory tracking become easier to manage, more transparent and far less of a distraction in a competitive situation. An investment in SFA is like hiring a fully trained product expert because you’re ultimately saving the time and resources of your current salespeople and enhancing their ability to use the experience they already have.

Reducing direct and indirect transaction costs

With an ability to reduce direct and indirect transaction costs, Sales Force Automation (SFA) provides a clear return for businesses and their customers’ experiences.

The time savings for the sales operation can be huge:

While reducing costs can lead to increased profitability, the important factor is the improved customer experiences a more effective sales team can deliver. SFA should be seen as a strategic tool for optimising financial performance and perceptions of businesses and their representatives.

Facilitating guidance for customers by sellers

Salespeople guide buyers through complex transactions, but who guides them? Sales Force Automation (SFA) tools should deliver guidance on best practices when it’s needed. With real SFA, your salespeople will be able to turn to your CRM to get equipped with insights, people and processes to make them easy to do business with. Centralising data and automating routine tasks means sellers can focus on the tactical and strategic aspects of competitive situations while reducing unnecessary sales administration and oversight. SFA also fosters seamless communication and collaboration between salespeople and the technical, legal, financial, managerial or leadership roles that might be involved with a customer.

Improving efficiency from initial contact

SFA supercharges lead management by making the process of capturing, organising, prioritising and qualifying leads as linear as possible while ensuring that none are overlooked. By bridging between the automated world of digital marketing and the personal world of selling and Business Development, SFA can create seamless engagements by orchestrating the interactions of different teams. And why not trigger marketing assets from your SFA interface? Distribute consistent personalised content, whether documentation, proposals, case studies or other promotional messages to leads and customer contacts as they move through their journey with you. Through data-driven insights and integrated marketing automation SFA can drive more in-depth understanding of customer behaviour, preferences and make it available for lead generators.

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