Sugar Serve

Provide outstanding service and support with rapid access to your customer information, insights and real-time collaboration.

Take your customer service to the new levels by using SugarCRM for service and support. With instant access to all your customer information and the ability to support your customers from a help desk, call centre or via social media, you are able to progress tickets, solve problems and delight customers like never before. 

Sugar Serve can help you deliver better customer service

Solve problems, answer questions and impress your customers with access to all their customer information. They won’t need to repeat an issue every time they speak to someone new, you have full visibility of issue progress and can respond in the most appropriate channel for your customers. 

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Dynamic workflows

Using SugarCRM for customer services helps you optimise the distribution of cases across your teams. Dynamic workflows route cases to the most relevant agents based on issue priority, team capacity, and agent expertise to make sure issue are resolved more efficiently and faster.

SugarCRM’s case routing and assignment workflows synchronise across all channels including emails, phone, chat and social to ensure that all issues are delivered to the right team at the right time with the right level of urgency.  



Reporting and dashboards help you keep track of how your customer service teams are performing. You can easily monitor customer satisfaction scores, ensure that proper response and resolution times at being experienced and verify that service-level agreements are being met. 


Self-service portal

SugarCRM’s mobile-enabled portal can help reduce your support team’s workload by empowering customers and business partners to find the answers to many issues themselves. Self-service tools including a knowledge base can help bring customers to the right advice or solution to common problems without having to engage your service team directly. 


World-class integration

SugarCRM’s open architecture allows you to integrate any number of your core business systems to produce a world-class contact centre. You can unite your IVR and telephony systems, social media channels, predictive analytics, and other tools with native case management and knowledge base capabilities to create best-in-class customer support hub all managed in one platform. 

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SugarCRM is designed for every part of the business. 

Why SugarCRM

While SugarCRM offers a multitude of exciting features to serve each area of your business, it stands above its competitors in terms of ease of use, powerful integrations with multiple existing and future systems, and offers a simple, clear pricing model that is hard to beat.

Sugar Market

Capture and manage leads using SugarCRM marketing campaigns. Build relevant segments and target lists to deliver better marketing campaigns that speak directly to the right customers at the right time and measure your ROI in the same place.

Sugar Sell

Understand your customers like never before. With SugarCRM, you have all your customer information exactly where you need it so you can engage with them at exactly the right time and offer them the exact product and services they need when they need them.