sugar SERVE, the complete crm for services

With full visibility of all issues, automated workflows and approvals, and customer information at the ready, your service consultants are in the best position to solve problems, delight customers and boost your company reputation.

Highly adaptable, Totally accessible

Take your customer service to the new levels by using SugarCRM for service and support. With instant access to all your customer information and the ability to support your customers from a help desk, call centre or via social media, you are able to progress tickets, solve problems and delight customers like never before.

Sugar Serve can help you deliver better customer service.

Solve problems, answer questions and impress your customers with access to all their customer information. They won’t need to repeat an issue every time they speak to someone new, you have full visibility of issue progress and can respond in the most appropriate channel for your customers.

With Sugar Serve you will be able to

Capture leads with professional email campaigns, landing pages and forms.

Send only the more qualified leads to sales with lead nurturing and scoring.

Drive the right traffic to your website with SEM, SEO and social media tools combined with high-quality landing pages, emails and forms.

Us BI-reporting to make data-informed decisions for all marketing campaigns.

Discover why sugar Serve is the ideal choice for your marketing

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You can sign up for a trial of a fully-functional SugarCRM system to try all of the awesome functionality that lets the platform do the work.


Take a closer look at a better crm for SERVICES

Explore the cloud-hosted SugarCRM suite

SugarCRM is designed for every part of the business.

Sugar sell

Sugar Sell delivers campaigns that speak directly to your customers at the best possible moment.

Why Sugar CRM?

SugarCRM offers a multitude of exciting features to serve each area of your business.

Sugar serve

Provide outstanding service and support with rapid access to your customer information, insights and real-time collaboration.

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Format14CRM has the skills, experience and knowledge to turn even the most challenging set of requirements into a real world software application. If that means a customised CRM or creating a new business software application that you just can’t seem to find anywhere, we’d love to hear from you!

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