Empower your business with the tailored CRM you need

We provide the unique advantage of development expertise and deep experience of business applications which allow us to build CRM solutions that are not just tailor-made but also flexible, agile, and easily adaptable.

We understand that businesses are diverse and that our developments need to ensure that tools you use deliver the customer experiences that align with your specific business model. This precision aims to ensure that software at least mirrors your operations and workflows so you get the advantages of automating as much as you can.

Getting the code right is nothing without the proper focus on the look, feel, and functionality of software to ensure it’s easy to familiarise and intuitive to use. Better user experiences lead to smoother user adoption and new software projects should be seen as an opportunity to align the software more closely with user needs. This makes the transition more natural, reduces the learning curve, and creates buy-in for change..

Our approach to customisation minimises disruption during the transition to new technology. Where applications need to be extended to deliver value to a business, a tailored solution can make use of existing infrastructure as well as reduce downtime associated with adopting new technology.

Our Skills


Our team excels in C#; a powerful programming language used to build robust applications on the .NET framework. We leverage C# to create tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients.


With our expertise in PHP, we create dynamic, customised web solutions. PHP allows us to build scalable, flexible, and secure applications, catering to the unique requirements of your business.


Our proficiency in Linux enables us to create robust, secure, and efficient systems. Leveraging the power of Linux, we build customised solutions that are both reliable and scalable.


With our expertise in Apache, we craft high-performance web server solutions. Apache allows us to create tailored web environments that cater specifically to your business needs.


Our mastery of MySQL, a powerful relational database management system, empowers us to build data-driven applications that are both responsive and scalable, ensuring the smooth functioning of your customised CRM.


Our adeptness in JavaScript aids in creating dynamic and interactive user interfaces. We leverage JavaScript to enhance the functionality and user experience of the CRM applications we develop.


Proficiency in Docker allows us to create, deploy, and run applications using containers. This technology ensures consistency across different environments, streamlining the development and deployment process.


Our expertise in Kubernetes enables us to orchestrate and manage containerized applications efficiently. Kubernetes facilitates scalability and automation, ensuring that your CRM solutions are resilient and adaptable to evolving business needs.

Customisation Beyond Coding

There is a growing need for agile and flexible solutions that reduce reliance on traditional programming. To answer this we provide No-Code development expertise that align with the principles of custom development, this means we can guide businesses on the best practices involved in creating tailored solutions, train Citizen Developers and deliver projects using No-Code tools to meet almost any Customer Experience requirement.

Our proficiency in No-Code platforms allows us to deliver tailored CRM solutions with a full handover to your internal team in mind.

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Our team has skills and experiences from a range of different customer experience, software development and technology backgrounds. We take pride in contributing to your vision, developing your technology ambitions, and helping you to get the technical parts of your business right.

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Format14CRM has the skills, experience and knowledge to turn even the most challenging set of requirements into a real world software application. If that means a customised CRM or creating a new business software application that you just can’t seem to find anywhere, we’d love to hear from you!

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