No-Code: Creating Business Resilience


No-Code practitioners (administrators, analysts, architects, developers etc.) provide redundancy through their possession of skills and knowledge that can be deployed in entirely different situations. For example, knowledge of No-Code may originate from improving their role but can then be applied to support other roles. This redundancy is valuable because as well as possessing a unique combination of skills from their primary career they also have the ability to develop new applications with no-code platforms. This means that organisations are not overly reliant on a single skill set, external organisation, or individual, which, in turn reduces risks associated with skill shortages.


As multi-talented professionals, No-Code practitioners can engage in various roles, such as business analysis, design, and digital transformation.

Their ability to understand business processes and translate them into functional applications is a key advantage in times of internal or external crisis. With a helicopter view onto how applications support different departments and the linkages between pools of data, a Citizen Developer armed with the right tools can create solutions that facilitate business continuity in times of need.

Innovation & Entrepreneurialism

Because they need to evaluate risks and not to be afraid of experimenting with new solutions, Citizen Developers have an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset. This adds to the ability to develop creative and effective applications that might not have been conceived through traditional approaches to software development. Through taking calculated risks that understand business challenges and the potential of technology to solve them, Citizen Developers can drive innovation within an organisation.

Enable + Implement


Institute a Citizen Development Practice: Format14CRM will work with you to set up a well-structured citizen development practice. This involves defining roles, responsibilities, and processes for citizen developers. The goal is to create a framework that allows citizen developers to operate effectively and in alignment with your goals.

Establish Testing Groups: User testing is crucial for the success of no-code applications. Format14CRM will help you in forming user groups to test applications developed by citizen developers. This ensures that they meet the needs and expectations of end-users, feedback can then be used to refine and improve outputs.

Create Nomenclature for Responsibility Sharing: To facilitate collaboration between Format14CRM and client teams, a clear common language is established. This includes defining roles and responsibilities for both parties and ensuring that everyone knows their part in the citizen development process to promote effective teamwork.

Managed Migrations

As your citizen developers create new applications, Format14CRM can assist by providing an expert migration process that helps you to move these applications into a “Master” environment. This involves ensuring that all your new applications are properly tested, documented and integrated with existing systems. Format14CRM will oversee the migration to maintain the quality and security of the applications during the transition.

The partnership between a Format14CRM and your team aims to leverage the diverse skills and innovative mindset of citizen developers within a structured practice that ensures that adopting the agility of No-Code is a smooth process.

Your No-Code Quarterback

In this partnership, Format14CRM takes on the role of a “No-Code Quarterback” – this involves acting as the coordinator and leader of the external development team working closely with your internal team. Format14CRM ensures that all efforts are aligned with your strategic goals and timelines.

We can facilitate seamless communication between citizen developers, business stakeholders, and external developers, provide development resources, or manage entire development processes for integrated teams. By helping to orchestrate collaboration, Format14CRM aims to streamline the development process, maximise the use of No-Code tools, and minimises any potential bottlenecks or misunderstandings.

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Citizen Developer Support

To empower Citizen Developers, Format14CRM provides comprehensive support and product knowledge related to the No-Code tools being used. This involves troubleshooting, answering queries, and providing guidance on best practices.

By offering this ongoing support, Format14CRM ensures that citizen developers can work effectively and independently, thus reducing the reliance on external development resources.

By contributing to continuous improvement through no-code applications we aim to enable businesses to become more self-sufficient and to drive an organisation’s innovation and efficiency to new heights.

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Format14CRM has the skills, experience and knowledge to turn even the most challenging set of requirements into a real world software application. If that means a customised CRM or creating a new business software application that you just can’t seem to find anywhere, we’d love to hear from you!

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