Post-Implementation Support for CRM Optimization

HyperCare, as implemented by Format14CRM Ltd is the name we give to the immediate post-live period and represents a crucial support phase that allows a client to make swift adjustments to an implemented CRM without going through a change management process.

This post-implementation period can facilitate the rectification of defects and issues within the CRM system, or more commonly be used to make minor adjustments workflows or User Interfaces.

A primary advantage of HyperCare is its focus on resolving operational problems without the constraints of formal change procedures. This means that HyperCare allows immediate fixes to critical system errors or glitches, preventing operational disruptions by applying hotfixes or workarounds at the very least. HyperCare can also act as a final safety net during a roll out to avoid potential issues such as customer data inaccuracies, interface malfunctions or integration errors.

HyperCare’s emphasis on post-implementation support can be instrumental in fine-tuning the CRM system based on user feedback. This tailored attention ensures a smoother transition to a system operating as usual and helps to curb problems that might arise from overlooking user experience. A focus on resolving such issues proactively fosters a more efficient and user-friendly CRM experience, enhancing overall system performance and your user’s satisfaction.

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