Solution Design

In software implementation, Solution Design and Solution Development are key components in the software development life cycle (SDLC) that involve different roles, purposes, and processes to understand the linkages between data.

Format14CRM’s team is adept at creating the comprehensive plans required to deploy robust and effective software solutions and focuses on understanding your requirements, constraints and objectives when creating your application blueprint.

An application blueprint outlines the architecture of software including the components modules, processes and technologies required to meet a client’s needs.

Solution Design

Format14CRM’s team includes experienced Technical Solution Architects who analyse and design the way that systems work and integrate to ensure all requirements are met while considering scalability, security, and performance. In short, we’ll define the system architecture, workflows, and user interfaces that guide development phases.

Requirement Analysis:

Understanding and gathering the requirements from stakeholders, users, and the clients, customers and citizens they work with. This involves identifying functional and non-functional requirements, user stories, customer journeys, business processes and operations as well as anything else that helps weave together a picture of the challenges to be solved.

Architecture Design:

With detailed requirements we create a high-level structure of the software, defining how different components will interact, what technologies and interfaces will be used, and how best to ensure scalability, security, and performance across the technology stack.

Detailed Design:

From a helicopter view we zoom in to the detailed level of people’s day-to-day interactions. This involves breaking down the high-level architecture into detailed modules or components which contain sensible and usable data that people can use easily. We engage with stakeholders and user group representatives to develop a series of design documents, database schemas, interface designs, and other technical specifications that we can use to create an application.


In some cases, creating a prototype or a proof-of-concept helps to validate a novel or innovative design by gathering feedback before an actual development, in others, they help to inform large investment decisions. Our Technical Solutions team can work with you to develop concepts into working prototypes if you need to validate a business case or technology approach.

Solution Development

All CRM projects need an element of Solution Development to ensure the actual construction of software is targeting the business issues that it is being used to address. At one level it involves writing code, building, integrating, and testing various components, at another it’s about understanding the problem (or problems) a business is faced with in a particular business area.

“Translation” is the art of effective solution development: translating business models into system designs, and then translating designs into a functional system that users can provide feedback on.

As a bare minimum, Solution design will consider configuration, integration testing and deployment so roles include Software Developers, Testers, DevOps Engineers, and other specialists involved in coding, testing, and deployment.

The overarching process of Solution Development:

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