Business Analysis & System Design

Navigating a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software implementation involves various integral phases.

From laying the groundwork with a robust system architecture to fine-tuning the system to suit organisational nuances, each step holds a pivotal role.

Considerations of security, compliance, rigorous testing, quality assurance, comprehensive documentation, knowledge transfer and post-implementation HyperCare support are essential to stakeholder empowerment.

Business Analysis

Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment involves identifying and documenting your business requirements and objectives. This phase is crucial for understanding what the CRM system needs to achieve and how it should align with your strategic goals. Our analysis serves as a roadmap for your entire project, guides decision making, and outlines the vision for your CRM solution.

Data analysis

Data analysis involves a comprehensive review of your company’s existing customer data. This analysis helps uncover what customer information is essential as well as where it‘s currently stored, and how it’s managed. We’ll help by guiding the development of data migration strategies and ensure a smooth transition to a new CRM system. It’s essential to maintain data quality standards and establish data governance policies to ensure that data remains accurate and reliable.

Process Mapping

Our consultants will map out and review your current business processes related to customer interactions, sales, marketing, and customer support (and anything else) into documents that show a clear flow of information relating to any given process. This step is essential to design how a system will work, but also allows for the identification of inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and areas for process optimisation. As such process mapping allies you to design future-state processes that are aligned with best practices and organisational goals. Process mapping is a key step in ensuring that the CRM system improves operational efficiency and supports how you create customer satisfaction.

Requirements Gathering

Gathering requirements sounds simple, and we wish it were easy! In fact understanding what you need is actually a detailed process of collecting functional and non-functional specifications for the CRM system. Stakeholders - including end-users, managers, admins, security teams, and executive sponsors - must have their needs and priorities understood and served by your system. The resulting requirements document serves as a foundation for system design and guides developers in building a CRM system that precisely meets your organisation's needs. It’s critical to ensure that requirements are clear, unambiguous, and in line with the company's strategic objectives to avoid unanticipated costs resulting from scope creep or poorly defined objectives.

Use Case Development

Creating use cases and user stories is a method to represent how different user roles will interact with the CRM system. Use cases provide a narrative of user scenarios, outlining typical workflows, exceptional cases, and expected outcomes. These use cases serve as valuable guides for the system design and development teams, ensuring the CRM system is designed with end-users in mind and that it caters to specific needs and interactions with the system.

The CRM Design checklist!

Designing the system architecture is a foundational step in the system design phase and it involves creating a blueprint for the CRM system that outlines the structure, components and interactions it will support.

Architecture Design

Customisation and Configuration

Security Measures

Testing and Quality Assurance

Documentation and Knowledge Transfer

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