Creatio Marketing

Orchestrate multichannel journeys.

Create Target Segments in a Matter Of Seconds

With no-code tools you can quickly build audiences and create segments using whatever socio-demographic, behavioral, first-, second- or third-party data.

Ensure that each communication reaches the right clients with highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Guide The Customer Journey Across Multiple Channels

Holistic multichannel marketing that seamlessly extends from your CRM has arrived!

Creatio Marketing comes complete with ready-to-go best practices so you can increase demand and reach your audience with the most relevant message at the right time and on the right channel

Manage and Nurture Leads Automatically

A complete set of tools allows you to manage the lead cycle end-to-end. Whether capturing initial interest, scoring frequent visits and activities or facilitating qualification and hand-off, Creatio Market’s robust process automation takes care of critical commercial processes.

Align sales and marketing through seamless lead-to-revenue process and transparent, accountable reporting with the Creatio platform.

Take a Look at How Creatio’s Low/No-Code Platform boosts engagement

Take at how holistic multichannel marketing boosts engagement with new prospects. Communicate in your prospects and customers preferred channels with automations that ensure messages are well timed and the customer profiles that ensure relevancy.


You can sign up for a trial of a fully-functional system including Creatio Sales, Creatio Marketing, Creatio Service and/or all of the awesome Low-Code/No-Code functionality in Creatio Studio.

Take a closer look at a better CRM for Sales



Marketing Creatio allows you to manage multichannel campaigns with a simple visual campaign designer that allows you to define how targets move along stages. Set criteria for target conversion rates, campaign completion and monitor progress in real-time.

Elastic and UniOne integration provided as standard – allowing millions of emails to be sent instantly.


Event Management

Online and offline promotions means that you have the versatility to work with any audience with complete tool sets for promotions, advertising campaigns, conferences, webinars and other off- and on-line activities.

You’ll be able to track key dates, venues and events, plan budgets and assign teams,

Track responses and analyse your event-related activities with the help of easy-to-use pre-configured dashboards.


    Segments & Reporting

    Creatio Marketing’s advanced but easy to use features allow you to create customer segments of any type. Overlay your data sources for a complete picture so that you can create truly personalised approaches that can inform your marketing activities and align them with client needs and expectations.
    Create dynamic groups to automatically allocate records to different treatments based on the most up to the minute expressions of interest, or add target audience to tactical activities at the click of a mouse.


    Lead Management

    Creatio Marketing can be continuously enriched through integrations, so that you can capture website visitor behaviour and append it to contact or lead records. Easily identify the most fruitful lead generation channels and sources with graphical reports and generate rich lead profiles to facilitate engaging sales conversations.

    Explore the Creatio suite

    Creatio provides the adaptability to support any business. 

    Why Creatio

    With analyst recognition demonstrating Creatio’s competencies across all focus areas, Creatio is the low-code/no-code choice for organisations that recognise the need for adaptability to maintain business critical processes.

    Creatio Sales

    Creatio enables superior Account & Contact Management by providing users with a complete control panel to manage records and key relationship information for customers, investors, partners, and other stakeholders.

    Creatio Service

    Paint a complete picture of the customer conversation through an omnichannel communication centre that allows service professionals to deliver outstanding customer experience.