Developing Innovative Solutions


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At Format14CRM we are at the forefront of delivering excellence in business transformation through relationships based on accountability, openness and trust.

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We bring decades of customer experience implementation knowledge with people who have a passion for making all our clients successful through innovative technology.

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Who we work with

We focus on achieving business outcomes. Instead of narrowly defining our contributions as “solutions to problems” we help to develop and execute digital strategies.

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Open Standards

Reduce cost of ownership

By opting for Open Standards businesses can drive down application development and other extraneous costs associated with proprietary systems. IT investment can then be more sharply defined by business value and platform concerns like integration, innovation and performance.

Avoid Proprietary lock-in

Businesses can rely on set methods of connecting applications rather than compromise on functionality due to compatibility issues between applications. Companies can choose from a wider pool of best in class products to compliment the ways that they work.

Future Proof

By adopting Open Standards businesses are investing in an economically logical progression toward buyer choice. All major IT companies now have an Open Standards strategy, realising the challenge of competing with the scale of a Community.

Unlocking Digital

Read why the UK’s Government Digital Service is using Open Standards to develop a world-leading digital economy.

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Modern Platforms

Open for Business

Format14CRM’s vendor partnerships have been selected to enable organisations to be nimble commercially and technically. In a world where competitive advantage is often defined by the ability to deliver a captivating digital experience, organisations need the ability to orchestrate large scale initiatives that react quickly to commercial challenges as well as exploit new technologies at the point they are advantageous.

Open to Change

Modern, standards-based platforms help empower businesses to control their technology destiny. We seek to empower your business with best-in-class, open applications that deliver the flexibility, insights and tools to extend and experiment – this mix multiplies the opportunity to deliver satisfaction, competitive advantage and business growth through technology.