Infor Marketing Resource Management

Manage your marketing programs from one solution

Infor Marketing Resource Management (MRM) is a scalable, easy-to-use solution used by marketing departments worldwide. The solution allows you to coordinate all your marketing activities—including omni-channel and direct campaigns—with comprehensive tools for digital asset management, resource management, project management, budget and cost tracking, creative approval processing, capacity planning, and analytics.

  • Create marketing plans

  • Track activities

  • Manage collaborative production with teams

  • Control budgets and finances

  • Localise print materials

  • Manage digital assets

Infor MRM is a marketing resource management software application for managing your entire marketing activities, along with the resources and management processes required to get your programs, campaigns and activities to market

  • Allows marketers to assess activities, budgets and resources with greater speed and agility.
  • Drives efficiency and productivity throughout the creative production aspects of marketing, it’s the core of your marketing campaign management.
  • Enables organisation to regain control over campaigns and promotions by having the flexibility to make changes on the run.
  • Gain insight, beautiful dashboards, and data-driven results.
  • Provides a central repository for marketing materials, research documentation and any other digital assets
  • Provides a “creative showroom” for collaboration and artwork approval and/or correction.
  • Provides both high level visibility and faster information drill-downs into campaigns, activities and events.
  • Puts the tools of a world-class agency into the hands of marketers allowing faster and easier delivery of localised collateral and content.

Infor Marketing Resource Management (MRM) software helps marketing professionals efficiently plan, automate, optimise, and analyse marketing operations.