Marketing automation equips businesses to serve up tailored content and messages precisely, and when they matter most. You can elevate your efficiency, improve consistency, and furnish your business with the invaluable capability to scrutinise and gauge the outcomes of your efforts.

The ultimate result? Supercharged lead generation, amplified conversion rates, and an elevated level of customer engagement.

Format14CRM’s Marketing Automation team is here to catalyse marketing automation projects so your business can craft potent, data-driven marketing campaigns with leading edge technology that helps you to make the most out of your precious time and resources.

The Key to Effective Marketing Automation

Effective data management is the foundation of successful marketing automation. Format14CRM will guide you through the processes of collecting, cleaning, and organising data to ensure it’s accurate and actionable.

This involves setting up data capture methods, creating data quality standards, and developing a robust data governance strategy.

Marketing automation works best when data is clean and well-organised, this allows you to segment audiences effectively, personalise messages, and make informed decisions with accurate data. Also, without proper data management your marketing automation processes, creative campaigns and automated nurturing can be compromised, leading to inaccurate targeting and ineffective campaigns.

Integration: Integration is key to achieving a seamless marketing automation process. We’ll help you to integrate your chosen marketing automation platform whether that’s CRM software or analytics tools.

We ensure you get a unified view of customer interactions, so that you can get a view onto how you can streamline processes that facilitate data flow. By integrating systems, Format14CRM helps you to avoid data silos and ensure that customer information is up to date, which is crucial for personalised marketing and lead nurturing.

Mastering Lead Scoring for Conversions

Lead scoring involves assigning scores to leads based on their interactions with your brand.

We work with you to define lead scoring criteria that helps you build a view onto people’s engagement by connecting digital interactions, email opens, website visits, form submissions, automated messages and more. By implementing lead scoring, businesses can focus their sales effort on the leads that are most likely to convert, improving efficiency in revenue conversion.

We ensure your team is able to continuously refine and optimise your lead scoring model so you can adapt to changing customer behaviours and market dynamics at will.

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