To ensure successful adoption, we offer a comprehensive range of training options designed for various learning preferences and requirements that enable you to harness the full potential of these tools.

Whether through our ‘easy-going’ training solutions or the rich resources of Creatio Academy, we aim to equip individuals and teams with the skills and knowledge they need to be able to excel in their roles and make the most of transformative No-Code technologies.

Format14CRM Training

Lunch & Learn Webinars

One of our key training offerings is the ‘Lunch & Learn Webinars.’ These webinars are a relaxed and informative way to introduce our customers to the features of No-Code technologies.

Rather than simply showcasing features, we use these sessions to understand your specific training needs. Whether in preparation for the go-live phase or to introduce a new feature, this approach ensures that training materials are tailored to address the unique requirements of each customer.

Classroom-Based Learning

For a more structured and interactive learning environment, we provide classroom-based learning based on a curriculum that is defined to help you achieve the business objectives you set for your no-code platform.

These sessions can be either virtual or physical, and will involve tracking progress against a series of tasks and activities that individuals will perform while using the system in a professional role.

Whether enabling Citizen Developers or providing detailed instruction and guidance on operating an application to support a business process, our trainers are skilled at delivering effective training sessions so you can make the most of No-Code technologies.

Train the Trainer

Our most popular training, Train-the-Trainer training is designed to facilitate the development of internal expertise by ensuring that there is an appropriate level of proficiency for a business to operate their system independently.

These sessions are one-on-one and empower Champion Users within your team to become in-house experts through knowledge transfer and interactive problem solving exercises developed for your business.

Participants receive comprehensive instruction, incorporating real-world user stories, customer journeys, marketing campaigns and business processes to ensure that a practical dimension underpins all learning.

Discover why Citizen Developers Workshop is the ideal choice for your business

Creatio Training

In addition to our own training solutions, Creatio provides a wealth of resources through Creatio Academy. This single web resource offers clients various educational formats, including video tutorials, instructor-led training, and documentation. Users have the flexibility to choose the learning method that suits them best.


For those who prefer a more self-paced approach, Creatio offers E-learning with seven interactive free online courses. These courses employ a combination of videos, articles, and written guides to provide in-depth knowledge of Creatio products in less than a week. The comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from basic usage to administration, configuration, business process management, and development on the Creatio platform.

Guided Learning

Creatio also offers Guided Learning, which focuses on practical tasks and recommendations for certification preparation. These 4-hour interactive online sessions, complete with Q&A, equip users, analysts, and developers with the skills necessary to excel in their roles.

Private Corporate Training

For organisations with specific business requirements, Creatio provides Private Corporate Training. This customised learning experience combines theory and practice, enabling users to gain relevant skills that are directly applicable to their company’s unique needs. Both on-site and online options are available, ensuring flexibility and convenience in the learning process. This tailored approach is especially beneficial for organisations looking to maximise the potential of their Citizen Developers.

SugarCRM Training

Empower yourself and your team with SugarCRM’s robust training solutions, designed to enhance your understanding and proficiency across various roles within the CRM ecosystem. Whether you are an end user, administrator, developer, or solution architect, SugarCRM’s commitment to your success is reflected in its comprehensive training offerings provided through Sugar University.

Open Documentation

Embark on your journey to SugarCRM mastery with the Sugar Application Guide, a rich resource that introduces users to fundamental CRM concepts and navigates them through the intricacies of the Sugar system. From accessing Sugar through a web browser to mastering a diverse range of customer relationship management tasks, the documentation serves as your go-to reference, ensuring you are well-equipped to harness the full potential of SugarCRM.

Online Role-Based Learning Pathways

Accelerate your SugarCRM adoption with role-specific learning pathways meticulously crafted for marketers, sales professionals, administrators, and users alike. These online learning modules provide targeted insights, enabling you to harness the features most relevant to your role. Navigate through the intricacies of SugarCRM with confidence, knowing that your learning experience is tailored to your specific needs and responsibilities.

Live Training Courses

Immerse yourself in the world of SugarCRM through live training courses conducted by Sugar Certified Instructors. Choose from on-site or interactive online classes to introduce your team to the essentials or delve into advanced topics such as reporting or development. Benefit from real-time guidance, interactive discussions, and hands-on exercises that solidify your understanding of SugarCRM’s functionalities.

Sugar Certification Program

Validate your expertise and distinguish yourself in the realm of SugarCRM by participating in the exam-based Sugar Certification Program. Choose from certifications tailored for Sugar Admins, Developers, or Solution Architects. Elevate your professional profile, showcase your skills, and gain recognition as a certified expert within the SugarCRM community.

Bespoke Training Options

For organisations seeking a more personalised training experience, SugarCRM offers bespoke, on-site training options. The SugarU team can deploy Sugar Certified Instructors to your location, ensuring that large groups receive customised training aligned with your specific deployment goals. Maximise user adoption and implement best practices seamlessly with tailored training solutions.

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