SugarCRM Acquires sales-i: A Game-Changer for Customer Sales Profitability and Intelligent Account Management

Format14CRM is pleased to share that SugarCRM, has acquired Sales-i, in a strategic move to unlock the value of front-office and back-office data using machine learning, AI, and generative AI.

This acquisition marks a significant milestone in a longstanding partnership between the two companies, demonstrating a commitment to deliver actionable insights and drive revenue growth through a combination of ERP and CRM data.

Enhancing B2B Sales Performance with AI-Powered Revenue Intelligence

By integrating AI-powered revenue intelligence with ERP and CRM data, businesses can improve revenue, retention and productivity in B2B sales performance by gaining deeper insights into a combined dataset that revolutionises sales, marketing, service, and support functions.

Despite having abundant sales data, many businesses struggle to sift through large volumes to find valuable cross-sell or up-sell opportunities. The integration of sales-i as a revenue intelligence tool with SugarCRM addresses this challenge by capturing critical insights from ERP systems and providing specific trends and actionable data back to business professionals.

With over 550 employees worldwide, the combined company aims to unlock the value of ERP data for its customers. Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced Data Interpretation: Allowing customers to see, interpret, and act on their data using AI.
  • Intelligent Account Management: Supporting large-scale management requirements.
  • Competitive Advantage: Helping customers outmaneuver competitive threats and reduce churn.
  • Increased Sales Efficiency: Delivering insights that boost sales and marketing efficiencies at a lower cost.

Stephen Hurrell, Research Director at ISG’s Ventana Research, emphasised the importance of leveraging CRM data for account management. “Upselling and cross-selling to existing customers is more profitable than acquiring new ones, but it requires a fuller understanding of customer behaviour gained from long-term relationships. This new announcement from SugarCRM seeks to address this need across various industries and enterprises.”

As SugarCRM and sales-i continue to forge ahead, the future looks bright for businesses seeking to harness the power of AI and data-driven insights to boost their sales profitability and customer satisfaction. This acquisition signifies a new era of intelligent account management and sales efficiency, setting a new standard in the industry.

“Integrating sales-i with SugarCRM has been a game-changer for our team, putting valuable sales insights right at our fingertips. We are more efficient, targeted, and effective in our outreach since sales-i unlocks insight into buying behavior and prompts our sales team in Sugar with specific product placement suggestions.”
– Beth Freeman, Executive Vice President of FSIoffice.

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