SugarCRM Hint

Increase sales team productivity by over 30% with actionable data and proactive customer insights

To keep one step ahead of the game, professionals need to focus their energy and time on delivering high-impact, value-adding activities that drive business growth. In reality, much time and energy is consumed managing manual processes and administrative tasks.

SugarCRM Hint automates, supplements and streamlines administrative overheads and manual activities with artificial intelligence so that you can focus on what really matters, building powerful customer relationships.

Hint uncovers key information about leads, contacts and accounts at every stage of your sales, marketing and customer service lifecycles letting you focus on the human interactions of customer relationships.

Stay up-to-date with the latest and most relevant: 

  • Contact information including job titles, occupational history, educational background, social profiles for a foundational background on your lead or contact
  • Account information that includes company size, location, industry and company social profiles to understand the overall business
  • Account insights show customised news and updates on key accounts through a variety of user-configured alerts
  • Activity history that provides a chronological history of interactions such a recent calls, meetings and emails related to the lead or contact for a full record view 
SugarCRM Hint

SugarCRM Hint delivers streamlined relationship intelleignce in a data-driven world.

Hint automatically gathers and analyzes actionable insight from a broad range of social and business data sources, all by leveraging names and email addresses already stored in Sugar.

Users can also quickly import the enriched data into Sugar with a single click. Without any external browsing activity, Hint has the right information users need to know to start driving conversations and accelerating conversions. 

Sugar Hint eliminates the need for manual research and data entry—freeing up more time to focus on leads and customers.

Transform your business today

Take a closer look at SugarCRM Hint

SugarCRM Hint helps you make smarter decisions, convert customers faster, and be more productive.


Eliminate Data Entry

With data automatically gathered from social, news and, business sources, users can dive into any acocunt, contact, or lead to immediately retrieve new information to enhance their understanding of their customers. 


Take Back Your Time

Hint gives you more time to focus on interactions and build relationships by automatically uncovering key information at every stage of your sales, marketing and customer service cycles.


Get Real-Time Alerts

Choose from a variety of configurable alert settings including real-time emails, browser-based push notifications, and periodic email digests to stay up-to-date on breaking developments and important activity from your key accounts. 


Stay Ahead of Customer Needs

Know when an account is at risk of churning, see when prospects are at their most engaged, and easily identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities by watching for signals and alerts.

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