Magic xpc Integration Platform as a Service

Connect anything. Connect anywhere.

Magic xpc Integration Platform as a Service delivers the elasticity and agility that your business needs to implement digital transformation. 

With quick implementation, you’ll be up and running with Magic xpc in no time with their plug and play approach. The platform is easy to use and code-free so you don’t need development experience to manage it and there are walk-though screens available to make integration a cinch. 

Magic xpc IPaaS is compatible with leading cloud providers and eliminates cloud vendor lock-in.


With Magic cpx you get:


'Plug and play' approach for quick implementation


A solution that is compatible with leading cloud providers eliminating cloud vendors lock-in.


A flexible, subscription-based pricing model that can be customised to fit any business' needs.

Integrate Quickly. Automate Easily. Innovate Intelligently

Magic xpc lets you integrate all your cloud and on-premise apps, systems, databases and platforms using a hybrid integration platform.



The graphical and user-friendly interface makes Magic xpc easy to create, manage and monitor business integrations.


Ready-made connectors

You have access to 50+ pre-built and reuasble connectors. Plus, the full SDK provides you with all the tools you need to build, test, and debug custom API-based connectors. 


Security you can trust

Magic xpc guarantees that your business information is always encrypted and secure

Why choose Magic Software?

Magic Software is a global provider of innovative end-to-end business integration and application development solutions.

Magic Software has been established for over 30 years with 24 regional offices and millions of installations worldwide. They have developed strategic alliances with global IT leaders such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle,, and SAP. 

As partners with Magic Software, Format14CRM present two offerings to our clients to ensure seamless integration with hundreds of systems and applications. 


Each of these platforms brings new opportunities to integrate your systems to meet your unique needs and future-proof your systems strategy with less cost and hassle than you would imagine. 

Explore the Magic Software products

Magic xpi Integration Platform

Magic xpi uses a code-free and low maintenance approach to integrate all of your business systems on the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid deployments to help your company maximise its opportunities.  

Magic xpc iPaaS

Magic xpc’s microservices-based iPaaS platform delivers the elasticity and agility that your business needs to implement digital transformation

Transform your business today