Our Industry Solutions

Our expertise in industry-specific digital business transformation helps us deliver innovative solutions that work at scale for the energy, public and financial sectors. 

Energy Sector

Providing solutions to energy suppliers across the UK

Public Sector

Supporting complex projects within the government sector

Financial Services

Innovating within financial services

Solutions that change industries

Our in-depth knowledge of specific industries gives us a strong focus on developing innovative solutions that have changed the way industries use information to better serve their customers.

While we have some industry-specific solutions, we bring decades of customer experience implementation knowledge to a wide variety of industries. Our people have a passion for making all our clients successful through innovative technology.

Our in-depth knowledge of the energy, public and financial sectors have led us to create specific industry solutions and services that help these businesses succeed in often challenging environments. We have deep roots within these specific industries having worked within them on enterprise-scale implementations over many years. We take all our learnings from these industries to others to create solutions that add value to our private and enterprise clients, no matter their industry. 

Energy Sector

Our Energy Services Platform leads the way in next-generation modular technology to build successful customer engagement. 

Elegantly designed sign-up journeys for both digital and non-digital acquisitions make it simple for customers to switch their energy supply. Extensive in-journey validation means your customers are better informed about their switch options, resulting in fewer dropped engagements. 

Our platform removes the hassle of managing your digital presence by providing the latest industry-compliant functionality right where you need it. Add in a fully managed data integration broker and you have all your systems working together for a seamless experience.  

All the technology you need to engage, acquire, maintain and retain your customers is delivered in a single easy-to-own platform that offers scalability, whether your business is new to the energy market or an established supplier. 

Financial Services

With Format14CRM’s financial services solutions, our clients gain 360-degree visibility of all their customer interactions in one platform that is quick and simple to use.

The platform gives relationship managers better insight into the entire customer lifecycle. Greater insights into the changing customer needs means they can deliver an enhanced level of service.

Our digital-first innovation means customers can be in control where they need it most.

While advanced mobile functionality means your customer engagement is always with you.

Public Sector

Format14CRM’s government solutions deliver highly secure and accessible case management for government agencies. The inbuilt security, compliance and auditing features which allow governments to easily administer the complete lifecycle in one platform.

  • People & Case management
  • Correspondence
  • Engagement management
  • Management Information & analytics

Private Sector

We work with businesses across the private sector to transform their customer experiences. Our expertise in developing bespoke solutions to meet their business challenges has helped us create platforms that manage customer data, plan events, improve sales performance, enhance marketing experiences and drive growth.