Sugar Enterprise

Everything you need in a CRM solution – on-premise and tailored to your business.

Introducing Sugar Enterprise, a complete CRM solution that is hosted on-premise and customised to your business. 

With the ability to meet your specific business needs, Sugar Enterprise has been developed for enterprise-sized businesses like yours. Enjoy maximum flexibility in customisation and complete control over your technology stack for a CRM solution that fits your business.

Stay Compliant

Quickly meet government mandates, industry expectations or internal security policies.

Customise Away

Create the exact platform you need, based on the unique requirements of your business.

Take It On-The-GO

Mobile support and added security makes Sugar’s platform the choice of top enterprises

What’s more, you can benefit from the all that Sugar Market has to offer with a seamless integration. Create professional-quality campaigns, drive website traffic, nurture and score leads and send sales the most qualified marketing leads all-in-one marketing solution.


You can sign up for a trial of a fully-functional system including Creatio Sales, Creatio Marketing, Creatio Service and/or all of the awesome Low-Code/No-Code functionality in Creatio Studio.

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Ultimate Control

Many companies find that complying with internal data security and privacy policies, external security standards, or meeting government compliance mandates, means that cloud-hosted solutions are not a viable option. Sugar Enterprise provides an on-premise deployment that enables complete autonomous control over your CRM system. 



Sugar Enterprise gives you the flexibility you need to customise your CRM solution to fit your specific business needs. From automating unique sales processes to gaining greater control over system updates and enhancements,  Sugar Enterprise works for you. You’ll have programmatic access to all areas of the system through comprehensive APIs. And when you need to upgrade or expand, you will find it easy to do. 


Customise and automate

Leverage Sugar Enterprise’s core capabilities as a baseline to build highly-tailored applications that are specific to your business. Ocherstrate complicated, multi-user and multi-system processes that take you one step ahead while streamlining processes to keep your team working smart. 

Need an on-premise CRM solution for your SME? Look now further than Sugar Professional.

It’s flexibile, on-premise and affordable.

Explore the cloud-hosted SugarCRM suite

SugarCRM is designed for every part of the business. 

Sugar Market

Capture and manage leads using SugarCRM marketing campaigns. Build relevant segments and target lists to deliver better marketing campaigns that speak directly to the right customers at the right time and measure your ROI in the same place.

Sugar Sell

Sugar Sell

Understand your customers like never before. With SugarCRM, you have all your customer information exactly where you need it so you can engage with them at exactly the right time and offer them the exact product and services they need when they need them. 

Sugar Serve

With full visibility of all issues, automated workflows and approvals, and customer information at the ready, your service consultants are in the best position to solve problems, delight customers and boost your company reputation.