Sugar Discover

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Sugar Discover gives you unprecedented insight into your sales performance, quickly. With a time-aware approach to revenue analytics that track metrics and historical performance, Sugar Discover proactively alerts you to issues and opportunities.

With Sugar Discover, you benefit from:

  • More predictable revenue derived from;
    • Faster identification and resolution of funnel problems and their root causes
    • Ability to identify sales and marketing opportunities quickly
    • More accurate forecasting
  • Improved agility and speed of business
  • Better business outcomes from more data-driven decisions
  • Less money and time being spent to get the sales process information you require 


Sugar Discover reporting example
Sugar is the only CX platform built on a cutting-edge event stream database that records every change in the customer journey to rewind the past and predict the future.

Sugar Discover highlights your most valuble insights so you can leverage them.

Sugar Discover lets you track and analyse meaningful and actionable metrics, KPIs, and analytics automatically. It let’s you unwind history, understand trends, and make accurate predictions about the future with historical data analysis. 

It’s ‘No Touch’ approach means that you always have the most relevant insight front-and-centre so you can move your business forward. With Sugar Discover, you know what is important now as it automatically alerts you to changes in key metrics that are trending significantly above or below target, or that break from historical patterns. It goes far beyond sending an alert by providing Discovery Insights that show you related facts and patterns in the data that could be contributing to the change. 

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With Discover, there is no need to build and maintain your own analytical database, no need to learn SQL, no need to run ETL processes or learn more complicated general-purpose business intelligence tools. You don’t need expensive technical resource either. Anyone with basic Sugar users skills can explore revenue data and discover actionable insights. 


Out-of-the-Box Customer Analytics

Sugar Discover is pre-loaded with an extensive set of high-value metrics, analytics and KPIS out-of-the-box so you can start benefiting from insights on Day 1. 


Continuous Automated Analysis

Sugar Discover tracks predefined and custom metrics in real time and alerts you to significant changes as they are detected.


Discovery Insight

Gives you augmented metric and alerts with actionable insight into the relevant factors impacting the metric performance. With information that helps you identify the root cause of issues, you are in position to take action quaickly to resolve them. 



Interactive Analysis

Discover empowers non-technical users with a highly intuitive and interactive data exploration tool 

  • Drag-and-drop query creation
  • Robust filtering
  • Simple formatting
  • Sharing and collaboration

Advanced Analytics

Discover gives you sophisticated analytical tools that go beyond reports and graphs with capabilities such as:

  • Lead-to-close Funnel Analysis
  • Historical Analytics
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Target Tracking
  • Forecasting

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