A website framework within Energy Services Platform

A framework with all the building blocks to created a powerful website

The website frameworks features:

  • Standard pages relating to your offering and tariffs
  • Postcode lookup and address selection
  • Identification of meter type – PAYG and Standard/E7/SMETS1/SMETS2
  • House/Flat/Size/Room selection for quoting
  • Estimate journey allows the user to generate a ‘quick quote’ or gather more informed quotation using actual figures and their current supplier/tariff by offering options including:
    • Estimate for me
    • I know how much I pay
    • I know how much I pay and use
  • When the switch success screen is delivered, the customer is onboarded to the billing engine (and CSP if used). An initial email is sent via Website with a welcome message, and follow-up pack is sent via the billing bngine.

The customer facing website offers you a simple to use content management system (CMS) to allow you to update all your content types easily. The website includes a custom quote module that uses EnergyLinx API to deliver quotes and identify meter types that will guide the user journey based on Pay As You Go (PAYG) and credit meters via a Four Step Process (three is PAYG). Customers are onboarded directly to the billing engine (and CSP if used) with all leads and enrolments being passed to CRM.

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All five modules can be implemented together as a single platform that sets new entrants up for success and integrates seamlessly with several billing systems keeping costs and time hassles to a minimum.

An integrated CRM

The easy-to-use, highly customisable web-based interface supports end-to-end switching for both domestic gas and electric supply through a series of agent screens that are quick to configure and industry compliant.

A customer portal

Operating as a browser-based web service, they can view and download both recent and historical bills, make online payments, submit meter readings, update account and direct debit banking details and more.

Customer sign-up journeys

Onboard new domestic gas and electricity supply customers with a simple to use, highly customisable web-based interface for both digital and offline customer sign-ups.