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How customer-centric is your business? 

You may be interested in exploring our customer-centric solutions. Having the right technology solutions as part of your customer-centric strategy will bolster your efforts and bring you closer to success. 

Sugar Market

Capture and manage leads using SugarCRM marketing campaigns. Build relevant segments and target lists to deliver better marketing campaigns that speak directly to the right customers at the right time and measure your ROI in the same place.

Sugar Sell

Nurture and convert more leads into customers with SugarCRM and transform your sales team into a selling powerhouse. With powerful workflows, meaningful insights from across the customer journey and an easy-to-use interface, your sales team have everything they need to close deals.

Sugar Serve

With full visibility of all issues, automated workflows and approvals, and customer information at the ready, your service consultants are in the best position to solve problems, delight customers and boost your company reputation.

Infor Marketing Resource Management

Infor Marketing Resource Management (MRM) is an easy-to-use solution that allows you to coordinate all your marketing activities in one platform. Give your marketing team better visibility and control, streamline your marketing operations and automate your processes to improve collaboration.

Infor Omni-Channel Campaign Management

Infor Omni-channel Campaign Management is an integrated database marketing solution for planning, executing, and monitoring permission-based omni-channel marketing campaigns across multiple touch points. Nurture your leads to become customers and build brand loyalty with an easy-to-use, comprehensive and scalable solution.

Infor Interaction Advisor

Infor Interaction Advisor

Infor Interaction Advisor is a real-time decision making application that identifies the next best and most relevant marketing campaign to present at any integrated customer touchpoint.

This easy-to-use application helps you maximise your customer experience management efforts with the highest impact message or offer at the right time.