Customer sign-up journeys on Energy Services Platform

Delivering exceptional sign-up service in person, over the phone or online

The key features of the customer journeys include:

  • Secure named agent login
  • On-screen agent prompts
  • Postcode lookup
  • Integration to Energylinx with bank lookup service*
  • GDPR compliance enabled
  • Identification of meter type and payment options
  • Preferential services management
  • Active lookup to manage de-duplication of leads and existing customers
  • Direct debit management
  • Lead creation with follow up for abandoned journeys
  • Integration to billing engine
  • Integration to CRM
  • Support for SMETS2

*Note that integrations do not include a licence or subscription for that application or service.

As an energy supplier, you can empower your customer service team to efficiently onboard new domestic energy supply customers with a simple to use, highly customisable web-based interface. This offline journey provides functionality that supports end-to-end switching for both gas and electric supply by walking your agents through a series of screens that are quick to configure and industry compliant.

The digital journey allows customers to switch energy suppliers online easily and asks for minimal data capture before their acceptance to continue with the switch. The journey is simple to integrate into an existing website framework and is highly customisable to your business.

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Explore the other Energy Services Platform modules

All five modules can be implemented together as a single platform that sets new entrants up for success and integrates seamlessly with several billing systems keeping costs and time hassles to a minimum.

An integrated CRM

The easy-to-use, highly customisable web-based interface supports end-to-end switching for both domestic gas and electric supply through a series of agent screens that are quick to configure and industry compliant.

A customer portal

Operating as a browser-based web service, they can view and download both recent and historical bills, make online payments, submit meter readings, update account and direct debit banking details and more.

A website framework

A simple-to-use CMS with all the building blocks required to create a powerful customer website, the framework has a custom quote module that uses EnergyLinx API to deliver quotes and identify meter types.