Public Sector Solutions

Delivering ultra-secure and highly available case management solutions for government agencies 

Public sector projects are, by their nature, highly sensitive. As such, they require the highest level of security to protect the personal data of those involved while keeping availability of the platform open to ensure there is no break down in the progress of ongoing inquiries.  

We work with public sector agencies to develop and deliver ultra-secure and highly accessible case management platforms to serve even the most sensitive of inquiries. Our solutions offer security, compliance and auditing in a single platform making administration of the entire lifecycle easy.

As every government project is unique, we provide bespoke solutions and work alongside the relevant agencies to truly understand all inquiry requirements and the best way to deliver them for greatest security, accuracy and ease of use for those involved.


Format14CRM’s public sector solutions deliver:


Ultra-secure data management


Highly available platforms to ensure continuity of on-going inquiries


Bespoke engagement management to facilitate the most specific participant requests


Adaptable solutions to accommodate the specific requirements of each implementation


Complete management information and analytics to ensure visibility of the entire program for quality assurance and management

About our Public Sector Solutions

Our Public Sector Solutions provide all the essential modules to efficiently manage complex projects in the most secure environment possible while maintaining the highest level of access to authorised personnel.


Person record management

Storage and maintenance of individual personal record data.


Engagement management solution

Ability to book sessions with availability and reservation management including face-to-face and remote appointments. Ability to manage bespoke engagements to facilitate special requests.


Management information and analytics

Provides operational reporting, case management workflow and form management.  


Case management

Accurate recording of individual case information in a highly secure environment. 


Correspondence module

Ensures correspondence follows a quality management process and is centrally recorded in the case system. The module is built to help you achieve GDPR compliance.

Why choose Format14CRM’s Public Sector solutions?

Our public sector solutions are designed specifically for government agencies and as such have been developed with their specific requirements in mind. 

Every solution is tailored to the specific needs of the inquiry or project giving government agencies maximum flexibility to create a solution that meets their needs. From person record and engagement management to management information and analytics, the platform offers everything required to ensure that inquiries are handled with sensitivity, professionalism and accuracy so that government staff can focus on managing the process rather than the technology supporting it. 


Beyond all the functionality and flexibility that our Public Sector solutions offer, the most significant benefit of bringing our platform onboard is knowing that it has been developed and supported by highly experienced innovators who have worked extensively with the public sector.

Our understanding of the specific requirements and sensitivity of governmental work ensures that your needs are considered at every stage of development. We support all the individual requests made to enhance the success of these unique projects and deliver them professionally in the most secure way possible. 


Transforming Industries

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Public Sector

Format14CRM’s government solutions deliver highly secure and accessible case management for government agencies. The inbuilt security, compliance and auditing features which allow governments to easily administer the complete lifecycle in one platform.

  • People & Case management
  • Correspondence
  • Engagement management
  • Management Information & analytics

Financial Services

Format14CRM’s financial services solutions let our clients gain greater visibility of all their customer information in a 360-degree platform for financial services.

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