Our Team

Chris Slade

Commercial Director


Chris is responsible the commercial operations of Format14CRM and guides our business decisions with years of experience leading sales teams for software enterprises. Chris ensures the company maintains a focus on selecting vendor partners that deliver quality functionality and a commitment to Open Standards to enable our clients the commercial and digital flexibility to thrive in a market that increasingly favours creative innovation in all aspect of business.

David Wrench

Delivery & Professional Services Director

David has primary responsibility for Client Success at Format14CRM, bringing over 30 years of experience working with Systems Integrators such as PWC and vendors like Cisco and IBM. David has led the delivery of multiple highly successful Sugar projects and has deep and broad experience in business transformation for large Enterprise clients.

Rupert Nelson

Head of Sales


Rupert leads the client engagement and solution consulting arm of Format14CRM and is responsible for ensuring that our focus on achieving client results permeates our Sales and Marketing functions. We work in close partnership with clients so that your business success is an outcome we share; so you can expect us to be thought-provoking, innovative and supportive as we work with you to develop our relationship and your technology roadmap.

David Hill

Chief Technical Architect Customer Experience

David comes to us with over thirty years experience of database design, data mining, business intelligence and marketing communications. David is responsible for many European and world-wide projects across industries as broad as Banking, Car Manufacturing, Luxury Goods and many more, covering B2B, B2C & B2B2C. Designing marketing solutions that handle numbers of customers from the few 000’s to 10’s of millions.