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An integrated CRM on Energy Services Platform

A 360-degree view of your customers

Operating at the heart of the organisation, it provides functionality for:

  • Site information management

  • Role-based contact management. This innovative solution allows contacts stored in the CRM to be allocated to multiple sites with different roles. This includes site-specific preference management for effective and compliant communications management – the ideal solution for customers with a portfolio.

  • Lead management that allows for auto-creation of leads into the CRM for follow up from both the online and offline journeys

  • Target list creations based on filtered segmentation for more personalised communications

  • Integration with MailChimp for marketing automation*

  • Quote builder for Energy Services customers including PDF creation

  • Workflow creation to manage structured business processes

  • Case management for enhanced support service

  • Real-time operational reporting

  • GDPR compliance for data storage and management, including a full audit history of data changes by user and date/time.

  • Data privacy management module to record all requests and follow up

  • Visual dashboard for operational management and decision support

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform provides you with a 360-degree view of your customers and can be tailored further to meet your specific business needs. It comes with support enabled for both the offline agent-led journey and the online customer-led journey.

* The SugarCRM to MailChimp integration requires the SugarChimp plugin which is an additional licence cost and acquired/supported through sugaroutfitters.com

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Explore the other Energy Services Platform modules

All five modules can be implemented together as a single platform that sets new entrants up for success and integrates seamlessly with several billing systems keeping costs and time hassles to a minimum.

Digital sign-up journey

The digital journey allows customers to begin their switching journey online quickly with minimal data capture required from customers before their acceptance to continue with the switch.

Non-digital sign-up journey

The easy-to-use, highly customisable web-based interface supports end-to-end switching for both domestic gas and electric supply through a series of agent screens that are quick to configure and industry compliant.

A customer portal

Operating as a browser-based web service, they can view and download both recent and historical bills, make online payments, submit meter readings, update account and direct debit banking details and more.

A website framework

A simple-to-use CMS with all the building blocks required to create a powerful customer website, the framework has a custom quote module that uses EnergyLinx API to deliver quotes and identify meter types.