Format14CRM loves complex integration projects and we offer candid advice as to the most effective ways to make your technology estate work harmoniously as a single business system.

The team’s experience in working with legacy systems across multiple vertical industries and business disciplines, has provided us with means to help clients assess their legacy systems and determine how they can continue to be exploited or repurposed until the end of their useful life.

Whether you have determined that you need an Enterprise Application Integration service or point-to-point integration we will work with you to identify the most appropriate form of integration to achieve your short-, mid- and long-term objectives.


Public, Private, On-Premise, Hybrid, Multi-Cloud … whatever the cloud Format14CRM can define and design an architecture to suit your needs.

We work with providers such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, vendor hosted services as well as environments required by you – whether on premise or cloud-based.


Format14CRM applies rigorous testing and validation of parameters to ensure that your systems strictly adhere to agreed business logic and organisational best practices.  Business processes incorporated within workflows are tested end-to-end to ensure that each identified scenario is captured and catered for.

Format14CRM’s approach to user acceptance realises the centrality of ease of use and immediacy of information in the ability to define systems that enable people to undertake the responsibilities of their roles effectively.  We work with system users to ensure that they work with software that they identify with, complements their responsibilities and can be fully adopted in their work quickly.