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Energy Services Platform

Format14CRM and Basestation are proud to announce the launch of our new Energy Services Platform for the Utility sector.

Bringing an end to the days of manual tariff entry and using industry standards to quote new customers, the Energy Services Platform (ESP) uses a fully integrated platform to run all pre-switch checks and deliver superior customer service to new domestic energy customers at the point of sign up.

Allowing you to access property-specific information such as meter type, connected services and tariff options, the Energy Services Platform provides more accurate quotation delivery to your customers thus improving customer experience and reducing direct debit inadequacy.

While validating your estimations against meter verification services means that you have the latest energy consumption details available at all times, keeping you at the top of the energy sector switching service game.

Format14CRM’s Energy Services Platform journeys deliver:


More accurate quotations to customers


A decrease in the cost per acquisition for new customers for energy suppliers


Lower Direct Debit inadequacy by signing customers up at the correct level in the first instance


Reduced sign-up dropouts by pre-qualifying leads early in the process


Fewer customer complaints further downstream

About the Energy Services Platform

The Energy Services Platform consists of five modules that cater perfectly to established energy suppliers and new market entrants.

Customer sign-up journeys

Deliver exceptional customer journeys to manage sign-up of new domestic energy customers in person, over the phone or online.

A customer service portal

Gives your customers access to manage their account online to view and download bills, make online payments, submit meter readings and update their details.

Integrated CRM with marketing campaign management

Built on SugarCRM, get a 360-degree view of your customers giving you full insight into their lifetime journey with you.

A website framework

A simple-to-use CMS with all the building blocks required to create a powerful, engaging customer website. 

What does the future hold for the Energy Services Platform?

As a forward-thinking business, we believe in the continual enhancement of the Energy Services Platform. As such, we have a roadmap of future developments that will bring even greater value to our clients across the energy sector. 

Q2 2019

Support for SMETS2 including managing data cycle changes, smart metering consent permissions and Priority Services Register consents

Q1 2020
  • CSP is expanding to support business energy customers
  • Business customer direct switch service

Why choose Format14CRM’s Energy Services Platform?

The Energy Services Platform is an easy-to-use and highly customisable platform that serves both existing energy suppliers and new market entrants.

Organisations that are new to the energy market are presented with a complete energy platform in a box. All five modules can be implemented together as a single platform that sets new entrants up for success and integrates seamlessly with several billing systems keeping costs and time hassles to a minimum.

Existing suppliers can select modules as needed or implement the full suite to drive their business forward into the future with flexible sign-up processes and better integration with billing systems (and comparison sites?), negating the need to deliver CSV files manually to manage tariffs.

Format14CRM offers all our clients a fully managed service that removes the hassle of keeping up to date with industry changes, including regulatory updates. We proactively keep the journeys within the Energy Services Platform compliant with current regulation, leaving you free to focus on customer service and product service delivery.

The Energy Services Platform also checks to see if multiple switch requests are in progress, so you know how to manage the request going forward. It’s just another way we ensure that you are always focused on the right domestic customer energy leads.

Beyond all the functionality and flexibility that the Energy Services Platform offers, the most significant benefit of bringing Energy Services Platform onboard is knowing that it has been developed and supported by highly experienced innovators within the energy sector.

Our forward-looking approach ensures that all regulatory and functional changes are proactively anticipated and managed and that there are continual product enhancements to take your business into the future.


Transforming Industries

Energy Sector

Our Energy Services Platform leads the way in next-generation modular technology to build successful customer engagement.

With elegantly designed sign-up journeys for both digital and non-digital acquisitions, a framework to manage your digital presence and a fully managed data integration broker, all the technology you need to engage, acquire, maintain and retain your customers is delivered in a single easy to own platform.

Public Sector

Format14CRM’s government solutions deliver highly secure and accessible case management for government agencies. The inbuilt security, compliance and auditing features which allow governments to easily administer the complete lifecycle in one platform.

  • People & Case management
  • Correspondence
  • Engagement management
  • Management Information & analytics

Financial Services

Format14CRM’s financial services solutions let our clients gain greater visibility of all their customer information in a 360-degree platform for financial services.

The platform allows relationship and customer managers to serve their customers with better insight into the entire customer lifecycle. Legacy systems are integrated into the new platform seamlessly reducing downtime and interruption.