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As well as rapid response to the natural environment, the advantages of No-Code to the competitive environment involves providing an additional layer of responsiveness to digital disruption. Businesses can use Low-Code platforms to facilitate integrations by fetching data from multiple data sources to give immediate visibility into data, or even facilitate enriched omni-channel customer experience in industries that benefit from it the most.

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You may be interested in exploring our customer-centric solutions. Having the right technology solutions as part of your customer-centric strategy will bolster your efforts and bring you closer to success. 

Sugar Market

Capture and manage leads using SugarCRM marketing campaigns. Build relevant segments and target lists to deliver better marketing campaigns that speak directly to the right customers at the right time and measure your ROI in the same place.

Sugar Sell

Nurture and convert more leads into customers with SugarCRM and transform your sales team into a selling powerhouse. With powerful workflows, meaningful insights from across the customer journey and an easy-to-use interface, your sales team have everything they need to close deals.

Sugar Serve

With full visibility of all issues, automated workflows and approvals, and customer information at the ready, your service consultants are in the best position to solve problems, delight customers and boost your company reputation.

Creatio Sales

Creatio enables superior Account & Contact Management by providing users with a complete control panel to manage records and key relationship information for customers, investors, partners, and other stakeholders.

Creatio Service

Paint a complete picture of the customer conversation through an omnichannel communication centre that allows service professionals to deliver outstanding customer experience.

Infor Interaction Advisor

Creatio Marketing

With no-code tools you can quickly build audiences and create segments using whatever socio-demographic, behavioral, first-, second- or third-party data. Ensure that each communication reaches the right clients with highly targeted marketing campaigns.