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Format14 adopts an agile continuous delivery approach, this means we iteratively release developments over time, acting as one with our client by incrementally implementing change rather than in a “big bang”.

Stakeholders are engaged with continuously throughout delivery, allowing for an evolution of requirements and a quick response to changes that may affect an organisation during implementation.

Agile - rapid, responsive, iterative

Agile focuses on customer collaboration; business and customer needs are addressed throughout the project.

There is a fundamental emphasis on individuals and interactions, keeping stakeholders involved through continuous planning and feedback.

Agile can adapt and change as needed to align the delivered software with desired business needs

Agile also means that developments can be tested early for accurate visibility into actual progress

Continuous, Responsive and Adaptable

As well as the inherent adaptability of Agile project management to accommodate changing needs, the gradual approach to releases with continuous stakeholder engagement provides predictability in outcomes across the business.

We work on jobs in parallel across individual steps in multiple environments and infrastructure, deploying application features, enhancements and bug fixes rapidly, reliably, and continuously with stakeholder engagement via scrum meetings that enable collaboration and an evolution of your requirements and solutions to achieve the desired results.