A customer portal on Energy Services Platform

Your customers’ online account management tool

It operates as a browser-based web service providing the following functionality:

  • Online login, create and password reset

  • The ability to view bills and other documents online for both recent and historical views

  • The ability to download copies of statements

  • Online top-up payments

  • Submit meter readings including E7

  • View previous meter readings

  • Update phone and email details in contact preferences

  • Update direct debit bank details and date

  • Contact supplier section

Operating as a browser-based web service, they can view and download both recent and historical bills, make online payments, submit meter readings, update account and direct debit banking details and more.

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All five modules can be implemented together as a single platform that sets new entrants up for success and integrates seamlessly with several billing systems keeping costs and time hassles to a minimum.

Non-digital sign-up journey

Onboard new domestic gas and electricity supply customers with a simple to use, highly customisable web-based interface for both digital and offline customer sign-ups.

Integrated CRM

Built on SugarCRM, the Customer Relationship Management platform brings you a 360-degree view of your customers, giving you full insight into their lifetime journey with you as standard.

A website framework

A simple-to-use CMS with all the building blocks required to create a powerful customer website, the framework has a custom quote module that uses EnergyLinx API to deliver quotes and identify meter types.